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Partnered Camera Feeds

These cameras are brought to you by organizations and individuals who have agreed to share their feeds to benefit the paranormal research community. The Spirit Society is grateful not only for allowing us to analyze their content on our site, but also for their many contributions to the study of the supernatural.

Abandoned HospitalAbandoned Hospital
Abandoned Hospital 2Abandoned Hospital 2
Abandoned Hospital 3Abandoned Hospital 3
Abandoned Hospital 4Abandoned Hospital 4
Abandoned Hospital Camera 6Abandoned Hospital Camera 6
Abandoned Hospital Night Shot CamAbandoned Hospital Night Shot Cam
Gennie's House - Gettysburg AreaGennie's House - Gettysburg Area
Gettysburg - Seminary RidgeGettysburg - Seminary Ridge
Ghost Watcher - Basement ExitGhost Watcher - Basement Exit
Haunted Diary - Genesta's HouseHaunted Diary - Genesta's House
OKCGC Investigation CameraOKCGC Investigation Camera
Ordsall Great HallOrdsall Great Hall
Ordsall Hall Ghost CamOrdsall Hall Ghost Cam
Spooks Sponsored Harry Price CamSpooks Sponsored Harry Price Cam
The Asylums GateThe Asylums Gate
The Lexington Engine RoomThe Lexington Engine Room
Willard Library - CenterWillard Library - Center
Willard Library - Reading RoomWillard Library - Reading Room
Willard Library - StairwayWillard Library - Stairway

Nonaffliated Camera Feed Information

Site Name:Direct Feed Url:
DDDavid's Basement Camera
DDDavid's Basement Guest Room
DDDavid's Basement Guest Room
DDDavid's Entry Cam
DDDavid's Kitchen Cam
DDDavid's Living Room
Llancaiach Fawr Manor
Queen Mary's Pool Cam