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Authored By: Sam Little, Dravenstar Paranormal

So your belongings have turned up missing or relocated, each night your are aroused from bed by unseen footsteps and whispers, and a whole plethora of strange activity has made you uneasy about your own home. It is now official, you have either a natural cause, cosmic termites, or (pause for dramatic effect) a ghost!!!! Either way the property value of your home just changed significantly. Now the desire to know more should be filling you and with that being said what do you do? You may have the need to know if you have a ghost, even talk with that ghost. Most people are unaware of the many methods that are used to develop and maintain a communicational relationship with the spirit world. By now you are probably wondering how to make contact, well shall we begin.

Many methods exist to accomplish the feat of breaking the silence between our world and the spirit world. Most of which are not only controversial but a little awkward to boot. In this article I will get into several methods and give you an idea of their use and how to best utilize them.

First lets look at what many people feel to be the most controversial of the methods and a lot of researchers also feel the most dangerous. That being the ouija board, or talking board has it has been called. Now a big selling toy by Parker Brothers, but at one time a tool for spiritualism. The history of the board can be found here, at the Museum of Talking Boards.

Questions are posed while the members of the group sit in front of the board with their fingers on the planchette. The board in turn will answer these questions by way of spirit contact. While falsely assumed a toy the board is not truly the danger, it is the user. The board is a point of focus, merely an object to cause a heightened concentration that in turn opens the user up to more than they are used to. This in turn allows spirits to make contact. While this seems safe, one must understand not all spirits are friendly, some have other attitudes and this can present a rather complex problem. A demonic force could come through pretending to be a spirit and thus many problems can take place, the worse being possession. I myself do not endorse the use of the talking board but do feel it has played an important role in the field.

The next method is not only simple but most likely one of the first ones to surface. The act of “knocking” has been around forever. It was particularly popular during the height of the spiritualist movement. The now legendary Fox sisters made this method all the rage and it is still used and heavily regarded by teams such as the Most Haunted TV series team. What you do is simply make known aloud that one knock means yes and two knocks means no. You than ask questions to the entity and wait for an answer. When we use this method we usually ask first if anyone is there that wishes to make contact they knock one time to let us know they are listening. One must look at any natural causes for the knocking before ever assuming paranormal activity to be present.

A more solid to some but just as controversial method is that of automatic writing. This method was much debated when it began and remains that way to this day. All you need is a pen or pencil and a pad of paper. You hold the pencil lightly in your hand and ask questions. The spirit is supposed to guide your hand and write the answer you seek. While this method seems fool proof it is anything but. It is very easy to unintentionally write something or assume a simple jerk of the hand to be a spirit making contact. DPRT make no real use of this method but have seen equally bad and good results from affiliates.

The next method is one I have used but do not recommend nor endorse and that is the séance. The séance makes use of a medium, one who can break down the barrier between worlds and make direct contact with the spirit world. A group of individuals sit in a circle and the medium is usually in the front of the circle. Once contact is made the spirit will speak through the medium, usually using it’s own voice and manirisisms. This is striking in a lot of cases and may alarm some.

The séance also makes way for spirits to come through and in some cases an evil entity may break through. The results just like those with quija may be dangerous. Questions may be posed to the entity once it comes through.

The method preferred is EVP. Information on the subject can be found here, at our EVP article.

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