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Ghostly Energy
Authored By: Sam Little, Dravenstar Paranormal

As always in my articles I am not here to convince you one way or the other, I am here to open your mind to new ideas and concepts as well as experiences. This time around we are going to look at how energy relates to the paranormal, namely the ghost. The most common misconception is that ghost are made up of energy and nothing more. This has never been proven or disproved but to me a ghost, while made up partially of energy, is also made in part of what we consider the spirit of the being that was once alive. The very essence of human or animal spirit might be contained within the structure of a ghost.

It is no secret that ghost have been known to make use of energy around them to do various things, from manifesting to moving objects to even speaking to the living. We often find ourselves asking why they do this. I feel ghost must sustain their selves in this world just as we do. We use food and drink to nourish our existence, perhaps the being we call a ghost uses energy to do the same. Also I like to think of it in terms of cars. A car must have gas to function, without gas you have a car that is going nowhere and will eventually waste away. Ghost must refuel from time to time or risk dissipating.

Ghost have been known to use energy to manifest in various ways. The orb for instance. We do know the orb to contain an alarming amount of energy. My theory has always been the orb is the simplest form of manifestation. It requires less energy to perform and in that case may put less stress on the ghost. The second most common form of manifestation is ecto, (even though the real term ecto means an excrement released by mediums while in the session of communicating with spirits, and was released from various orifices on the mediums body). Ecto takes more energy than the orb. We have all noticed ecto that forms into body parts and shapes familiar to us. Perhaps the energy available at that time is greater and allows for more advanced forms of manifestation. Of course the most advanced form is that of the full apparition. To me the amount of energy needed for this type of manifestation must be very great. This is why we very rarely see this form of manifestation.

Also no secret, energy sources have been known to drain and fluctuate while in the presence of ghost. This could be something as simple as a battery drain in a camera to something as catastrophic as complete equipment failure. These energy drains have been rationalized by science as shifts in atmospherically charges and even high levels of natural gasses have been used to explain this. The act of energy drain can be the worst foe of an investigator. Almost all gear we use in the field require batteries. Cameras, meters, and flashlights all need battery supplies and when they are drained at a quick pace can prove most aggravating to the researcher holding them. A lot of people assume that ghost are not draining small batteries because the energy there is small but in truth a battery is very very powerful, especially when taken in full. While in truth we cannot prove the ghost is the cause of such drains in energy producing items, we can assess it is more common in an area with noted paranormal occurrences and activities. These battery drains are often accompanied by cold spots. These spots have since the beginning of paranormal research been questioned. My theory and the theory of many more researchers is that these cold spots are caused when a ghost makes use of the energy available in the air. If you think in terms of a battery, you will know a battery in use is hot, but when it is drained of energy the battery is cold. When a ghost draws from the air for itís energy it causes the air to decrease in temperature. These cold spots are also often found to contain a very high level of electro magnetic current. This is also another attribute often associated with ghostly phenomena.

While batteries are the most often used source for energy to sustain the ghost, many other sources are tapped. Light bulbs have been known to flicker or even blow while in the presence of ghosts. Many assume that this is due to the draining of the bulbs energy by way of the ghost. Myself I feel this to be the true case as well. We have also over the years noticed a strong increase in TV ghosts. This is because TVs have so much power within them that ghosts may feel drawn to that power to the point where they even manage to get inside the TV. TV sets are very capable of producing a steady flow of energy that may sustain a ghost for some time.

Energy relation to ghosts is still something we are not 100% sure of, but we are continuing to make advancements in that area and one day we may know the truth. I will end here but expect me to get even deeper into this topic in a later article. Happy hunting.

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