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Inanimate Animate, The
Authored By: Sam Little, Dravenstar Paranormal

In the field of paranormal research we often encounter strange things. In fact that is technically our job. Ghost and the such are our passion and what we do but even we encounter things that make us step back from the situation with amazement. One such thing is that of the inanimate animate, or the ghostly image of something that never had life, at least life in the sense we look at it with. Seeing the ghost of a 57 chevy nova will shake up even the most educated researcher. While odd ghost of inanimate objects are not as uncommon as one would think. There are countless reports of ghostly planes, trains, and automobiles (no pun intended) each year and the number is still growing. In this article we will look at these ghostly modes of transportation and try to explain them a little better.

Ghostly Planes

The sky is so remarkable that some find solitude in it for hours on in. Despite few reports the sky is no stranger to ghostly occurrences and in fact as one of the most amazing stories to date. Flight 401 was a plane that engaged in a fatal crash. The plane while unable to be flown after the wreck became of some use when parts were salvaged and used in the production of other planes. While that thought alone sparks some curiosity the thing about flight 401 that keeps people on their toes is that after the salvaged parts were placed in various crafts the inhabitants of those crafts began to experience strange events. These newer planes became hotspots of paranormal activity and the ghosts of flight 401 now took residents in the planes that made use of itís fallen parts. One traveler had sworn he looked out his window to see a plane so close to the one he was on that he grew afraid. The plane bore a resemblance to the one he was on but was severely damaged. Was 401 destined to go down and itís parts now keeping the images of those that perished in the aftermath of a grueling collision?

I hear that train a rolliní

Once the fastest and most reliable means of transportation the train was as Americana has the apple pie. Unlike itís aerial counterpart ghost trains are reported rather frequently. They seem to linger long after their tracks are removed. The most famous ghost train reported is that of the train that carried the body of president Lincoln to his grave. The train was escorted with a live band that played as the train rolled onward to carry the nationís beloved president to his final resting place. To this very day reports roll in about the train coming calmly down the tracks, music playing and the coffin of Mr. Lincoln resting on one of the cars.

Even in my remote part of the world here in eastern KY we have our own ghost train. In what is now known as Ligon there is a tunnel that at one point served a coal train but now has been sealed by literally tons of concrete. The tracks have long since been removed and scrapped and the train has not made a trip in so many years I canít even remember it being a part of the community. Despite those obvious limitations the train has not stopped itís course. Residents still claim to hear the loud engine and the whistle blow. Lights are still seen coming down the area that was once a mighty track but now is merely overgrown weeds and a few old appliances someone discarded long ago. The train roars on with itís ethereal load ever as diligent as it once was despite the lack of a physical being. Even my own team have heard the whistle and actually managed to capture the sound of the train on audio tape while investigating nearby Newmanís Cemetery.

Trains lost desire after the mass production of the automobile came into the world. Cars were more accessible and more practical so eventually trains lost a great deal of their luster but just as itís track faring cousin the car has itís own far share of ghostly incarnations.

Hell on wheels

Of all the cars that have been seen in ghostly forms none has captured the hearts and minds of the nation like that of the one driven by the original greaser himself, James Dean. Dean loved cars and proved it when he acquired a 1955 silver Porsche Spyder. The car became his greatest possession and eventually earned the name ďLittle BastardĒ, a name that Dean found humorous while his friends found a little less than funny. The car became his life but would in fact be the cause of his untimely and painful death. While on route to Selinas, CA for some racing Dean collided head on with another driver. The driver was slightly hurt while Deanís passenger Rolf Wuetherich was thrown from the car suffering severe but not fatal injuries. Dean was not so lucky. Upon impact it is thought Dean was killed almost instantly.

It was not long after the fatal crash that took the life of one of Hollywoodís leading studs that people began to report seeing Dean and his silver hotrod parading down the street at high speeds. Sightings poured in of the car itself without Dean at the wheel but still cruising at a speed unbearable fast.

The real car itself carried with it what would become known as Deanís Curse. George Barris acquired the wreckage for salvageable parts. Upon receiving the car in his shop it slipped from itís harness and broke his leg. One man bought the two good tires from the car and days later they both blew out injuring him in a wreck. Fans who managed to still pieces of the car reported being injured and some even killed. Troy McHenry used the motor in his racing car and William F. Eschrid bought the drive shaft. (both men doctors) and each intended to race with the new parts. In Pomona, CA they readied for a race together and shortly after the start McHenry spun out into a tree killing him instantly. Eschrid, at the exact moment rolled his car and did severe injury to himself in the process. In 1960 after being on display and still causing all manor of events the car was shipped to LA, were it never arrived.

Adventure on the High Sea

The many waters of the world have played host to ghostly vessels for ages. In fact more reports of ghostly ships come in than that of any other means of transportation. Most of these reports come from the British Isles. The most famous of which is that of Goodwin Sands about 5 miles of Deal in Kent. A 3 masted schooner has been seen many times and goes by the name of Lady Lovilband. Every 50 years on the date of Feb. 13th the ship sails again. This has gone on for some time and in 1797 the crews of 2 different ships happened to come upon the ghostly boat and both crews noted no people aboard the ship. Despite being unmanned it stayed itís course and sailed on.

The Cape of Good Hope is also a beacon of paranormal reports. It housed the famous Flying Dutchman legend, but it shies in comparison to that of the Atlantic Coast. This location is home to 2 of the most admired and feared pirates in the history of pirates, Captain Kidd, and the much publicized Jean Lafitte have both been seen aboard their ghostly ships searching for treasure they may never find. The flags of the ships wave high and strong and witnesses have researched and discovered them to be accurate renderings of the 2 pirate lordís seals.

Why do these modes of transportation return in spectral form? Many theories exist. Perhaps they are mere residual images, burned in time and destined to replay for all eternity or till something breaks the cycle. With large amounts of energy dispersed in these events could the vehicles themselves be the object of the energy dispersal and thus return as a residual image? What if we see these objects because somehow we have slipped into a time portal or slip and returned to the time when these vehicles existed in the material plane? These are questions worthy of an answer but sadly none can be found just yet as we have no real idea has to why objects that were never living can return as ghost. It happens more times than one would think and less times than one would want but every time it is has interesting as the last.

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