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Site Name: Atherton House
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Site Address: 1990 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
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Site Type: Private Property
WARNING: This is a privately owned location. DO NOT TRESPASS.
There are reportedly 4 ghosts that inhabit this location. Three are aggressively dominant females spirits and the 4th is a weaker male spirit.

In 1834 Faxon Atherton, father to George the weaker male spirit, traveelled to Valparaison, Chile to make his fortune. He succeeded and purchased over 600 acres of land in the San Mateo County. He met and married Dominga de Goni who then bore him seven children - there is no other information on the children other than George.

After Faxon died, Domina had the Atherton home built in California in 1881 and set up residence with her son, George, and his wife Gertrude. Both women were noted as strong willed and dominant reminding George constantly that he was the weaker of all of them.

In 1887 George decided he'd had enough so he ran off to Chile as his father did to make his mark in the world. More perhaps to prove to the women in his life that he was not the weaker of the three. However, after only making it half-way, George's kidneys failed killing him.

Not knowing what to do with George, the sailors placed his body in a barrel of rum. The Captain send a note home explaining that George had died and he would be returned to them in a barrel.

Unfortunately, the barrel reached home before the letter. I can only imagine the suprise! Recovering from the shock, the women arranged for George to be buried.

Shortly after his arrival home, George made his presence known by knocking on the bedroom doors of the two women. So much so that they moved out.

In 1923, Carrie Rousseau purchased the home and lived only in the ballroom with her 50 cats. At the age of 93 she joined George and the other two women in 1974 to walk the halls of Atherton house in the spirit world.
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Sounds, TappingsTemperature, Cold Spots
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1990 California Street at Octavia

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