Spirit Society Haunting Report
Site Name: Stepp Cemetery
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Site Address: Morgan-Monroe State Forest
6220 Forest Road
Martinsville, IN 46151
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Site Type: Public Grounds
There are several stories surrounding this cemetery.

An old woman, accused of being a witch is said to roam the wooded area around the cemetery. It is believed that a group of fraternity boys in an initiation took her German Shepard and hung it upside down from a tree branch and gutted it. When the old woman stumbled across her dog, she is said to have cursed the boys and the cemetery. (There was a German Shepherd dog found hanging in the cemetery but there is no record of an old woman.)

There is a tree stump at the front of the cemetery where an old caretaker used to sit to rest his weary bones after caring the graves. One day a semi truck carrying tree logs took a wrong turn and drove into the cemetery. The caretaker was taken by surprise and crushed by logs rolling off the semi-trailer crushing him on the stump. There is blood on the stump today. (A logging truck did indeed take a wrong trail and did crush a tree and destroyed several tombstones.)

Finally, a young woman is said to haunt the cemetery crying softly and sometimes singing to a nearby grave of an infant boy. Her son was killed by a car, the woman overtaken by grief spent her remaining days sitting on a seat made from a tree talking to her son and singing to him. It is believed that anyone who sits upon that same seat will live less than a year - the age of the young boy who lies in the grave next to it.

The cemetery is still in use today. It is a familial cemetery. Police and DNR patrol it regularly, and some of the troopers look like they attended the military friendly colleges nearby, so it feels safer than some lonesome cemeteries do. This summer my son and I went there to do an investigation. It was late and my husband and grandson sat in the car. They were approached by a state trooped who made an inquiry into why he was there.

While my son and I were there in the cemetery (12 AM) we did not encounter any oddities except for a feeling of dread and sadness. The tree stump with the red appears to paint and the tree where the dog was hung still stands. We did encounter a couple of moving cold spots in July!

This is a popular place for teenagers to make out and try to scare one another. Frequently, they will leave someone behind in the dark, alone, to walk the dirt path without a light.
White Index Report - Haunting Probability:

Haunting Symptoms:
Apparitions, FullSounds, Voice

Visitation Hours:
Heavily patrolled by state police and rangers - hours are varied dependent upon the season.
Travel Information:
Located southwest of Indianapolis, 35 miles south from Interstate 465 via STate Road 37 (5 miles south of Martinsville or 16 miles northeast of Bloomington - follow signs 8 miles east of State Road 37. Cemetery is located in the Forest. Approximately 2-3 miles in past the private land owners. You will see a metal gate, red, on the left hand side of the road on a curve. The cemetery is located up a dirt road overgorwn by trees and brush.

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